Meet Christine Bové

Christine Bové is a seasoned Marketing and Product Management virtuoso, currently leading the Products and strategy Team at StartCHURCH. Passionate about equipping pastors and ministry leaders, Christine leverages her marketing finesse to complement her product prowess. With an innate talent for digital product innovation, she engineers creative solutions that amplify efficiency and empower individuals to reach new heights.

Beyond her role, Christine wears many hats with grace. An adept blog writer, occasional podcast luminary, and a lively webinar host, she excels in captivating diverse audiences. Her creative compass guides the development of captivating products, and her marketing acumen ensures they resonate.

But Christine's impact ripples beyond her 9-to-5. An ordained reverend in the Wesleyan denomination, her unwavering faith in elevating others drives her. Whether sparking ideas or sharing insights, she's an invaluable asset to any endeavor.

With her holistic approach and unwavering creativity, Christine Bové uplifts both products and people. Nestled near Atlanta, GA, she and her husband, Dylan, share their home with two adorable feline companions, Margo and Geralt.


Optimists enjoy praising the good in people and are grateful for what they have. They find it difficult to be around those who constantly focus on the negative.


Storytellers are masters of communication. They like to host events, speak in public, and be heard. They suffer in situations where they can’t express themselves through words.


Coaches love discovering the potential in people and supporting others’ personal growth. It’s hard for them to accept when this potential is being wasted.


Catalysts love to get things started and are great at creating momentum in stagnant environments. They have a hard time waiting and so-called ‘wasting time’ when they know they could be moving forward and getting things off the ground.


Brainstormers get excited when asked to come up with ideas where the sky’s the limit. They enjoy connecting the seemingly unconnectable, and quickly get bored by close-minded people and standard practices.

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