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My journey at StartChurch started as a receptionist, but my dedication to serving clients led me on a transformative path. As I supported our products, I realized my passion for software creation by listening to clients' challenges and aspirations. Motivated to address their pain points, I proposed a dedicated digital products department, sparking a wave of exciting software initiatives. I became a catalyst for change, leading teams and developing cutting-edge solutions that exceeded our leaders' and clients' expectations. From my initiative, a new department was created to create new solutions and update our current products.

The birth of the digital products department opened doors to innovative ideas and collaborative relationships. I embraced my role, nurturing creativity and bringing ambitious visions to life. Through listening and innovation, I made a lasting impact on clients and the organization. Now, I'm driven to push boundaries, deliver exceptional digital products, and inspire as a visionary leader in product management.

Christine Bové as Product Manager





My latest project:

I Had the pleasure of working on Church Halo, a new church management platform created by StartCHURCH.

Church Halo is a cloud-based church management platform best described as a digital toolbox containing specialized software for specific aspects of ministry. My role as Product Manager was to lead in ideation and user research, assist in UX and UI design, and work to refine the software during creation and post-release.

A donation software for churches and ministries, Giving Halo is designed for the pastor in mind.  

A project management software specifically for church planters, Launch Halo was created to empower the church planter to reach their fullest potential.