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Crafting words that captivate and connect

I've had the tremendous privilege of writing blogs for StartCHURCH since 2018. I've covered topics ranging from starting a for-profit arm for your church or ministry to best online ministry practices and more. Some of these blogs have been reposted by Outreach Magazine, a privilege I am very proud of. 

Blog Writing

Ways to Grow Your Digital Ministry

Written by Christine Bove on Apr 19, 2022 in Church Management

Now more than ever, churches and ministries have to get more creative in engaging with people online. 

While communities are gathering back in person again, we have to admit that two years of working through the pandemic has changed us into a very hybrid culture: in-person and online. As a result, we've had to relearn how to interact with people online and find new ways to keep them engaged.

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Power-up Your Ministry Financial Management

Written by Christine Bove on Feb 08, 2022 in Finance Management

One of the most valuable resources you hold within your ministry is finances. Now God is the one who makes a way and provides, but with the gift of finances given to churches, you are charged with the task to steward your finances well. 

Managing finances for your ministry can be overwhelming. Not everyone is skilled at handling the numbers side of ministry! 

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12 Steps to Plan Your Church Conference

Written by Christine Bove on Oct 19, 2021 in Church Management

Today, many Christians gather not only within the four walls of the church but also in other venues. With the vast capabilities of the internet and social media, reaching a broader audience is now easier than ever. The church can be propelled forward through events such as conferences, gatherings, and seminars. 

These gatherings, if done well, draw large crowds, edify worshipers in their relationship with the Lord, and present an opportunity for those who may not otherwise hear the gospel to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Your church’s special event can be a powerful instrument of God’s love and grace to save, strengthen, and edify the souls of those in your community.

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12-Point Checklist for Church Planters

Written by Christine Bove on Aug 17, 2021 in Church Planting

Church planting is one of the most empowering and exhausting experiences a person can go through. With high reward and high kingdom impact, planting a church is as exhilarating as it comes. Church planting is not without its challenges, however. Not wanting to leave any church planter in the dark, here is a 12-point checklist for you to use to start planting your church.

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Content Creation and Updates

Along with writing blogs, I have also worked on writing and updating existing content within our online software. This entailed reviewing previously done work and updating the content, fixing grammatical errors, and creating brand new content for new software. I got to work very closely with our Marketing team at StartCHURCH to pull these ebooks together and bring them to life.

StartCHURCH Connect

An ebook with all the How-Tos to get your services online. 

With great collaborative effort, we pulled existing content and wrote new content for this particular project. I was heavily involved in the start-to-finish process of pulling the content together, writing new sections, and assisting the Marketing department with piecing the ebook together. I also collaborated with our Spanish division to translate this ebook into Spanish. I specifically helped on the content management side, getting the Spanish department what they needed to get the translations done.

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The Church Branding Ebook

A beginner's guide for how to create a brand for your organization, whether it be church or ministry.

With a downloadable workbook as well, this ebook walks through mission and vision statement creation, designing a logo, and expanding your organization's reach on social media.

This was created in response to a felt need for pastors and ministry leaders who felt very overwhelmed by the brand-creation process. While again a collaborative effort, we created brand new content as well as pulled from our current sources on this topic and updated them. I was heavily involved in the content creation process, writing new sections and assembling older sections to pass to the Marketing division for revisions and brand consistency. And just like with the StartCHURCH Connect ebook, I collaborated with the Spanish division to get this ebook translated into Spanish as well. 

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